28-29 August 2017


Working in a Smarter Transaction Space

At GlobalPaymentSummit (GPS) we focus on innovation in the payment/transaction space and share essential top-level expertise! It is proven that companies that exposes employees to outside influences and ideas through attendance at conferences, membership in professional societies, and similar activities can help break down insularity. GPS offers a 2 days “Expert Infusion” that really adds value both in personal and professional development.

Have a look at our Program for 2017 . We are keen to learn of your feedback, suggestions and ideas!  Join in our poll below and email your ideas to joyce @ transactives.com



Day 1 Monday 28 August 2017

  • Working in a "Smarter Transaction Space"
  • The Changing Asia Payment Landscape
  • Real-Time Payments: state of the art in Asia
  • "Initial Coin Offereings - The New Payment Realism"?
  • Payment Security by Design -- Next Gen Architecture
  • Global Regulatory Developments
  • Remittances: Reaching the last mile efficiency
  • E-Commerce Asia Expert Panel
  • From Biometrics to "Behaviometrics"
  • "Going Cashless" as catalyst for APAC Mobile Payments Market
  • From Digital Payments to Digital Finance: China's tech companies redefining banking in Asia and the world
  • API-Open Banking developments : new role of banks and non-banks
  • Fraud Prevention in Asia

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Day 2 Tuesday 29 August 2017


  • Payments Reform Australia
  • Financial Inclusion Study Asia 2017
  • Emerging Power of National Debit Schemes
  • Identity as the ultimate 'transaction' Blockchain - the ultimate cure of vague promise?
  • Payments as a Commodity?

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