28-29 August 2017


Payments as a Global Village – Fostering Regional Solutions

It is a small world we are living in and globalization has made it even smaller!

Global Payment Summit-Asia 2018 takes a new direction onboarding creative initiatives starting with a special collaboration forged with PayNet Group, Malaysia’s premier payment system network and central infrastructure for financial markets. Together, we will deep-dive into key developments in the payments and transaction space. GPS will focus on debate and discuss essentials on instant/faster payments, security issues, regulatory reform, easy x-border payments, efficient remittances solutions and many more aspects within our ‘space’.

Have a look at our detailed program including plenary and track sessions. Our program is a living document and we continuously work on offering the best content with relevant topics, the right experts as speakers and creating room for relevant debates.  If you have suggestions, please email direct to: harry@smorenberg.nl


Additionally, here’s our 2017 program in PDF for reference.


GPS 2018 Program At a Glance

   Day 1 - 19 Sep 2018
08.00Welcome Breakfast & Registration
09.00Welcome by Harry Smorenberg & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Keynote Opening: The swift changing Asian Payments Landscape (introduction to panel debate)
09.35Global Payment Challenges: Panel debate on key global trends effecting ASIA
(With experts from China, Australia, Canada, Europe, and ASEAN)
Gerry Gaetz | President and CEO | Payments Canada | Ottawa (moderator)
Peter Schiesser | Group CEO | Payments Network Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur
Piet Mallekoote | CEO | Dutch Payments Association | Amsterdam
Leila Fourie | CEO | Australian Payments Network | Sydney
10.30Networking Break
11.00Creation of a Seamless Instant Cross Border Funds Transfer Environment
- ASEAN regional integration in instant payments
- ASEAN payments gateway: a reality check
- How to realise the real value of Real Time Payments
- Applicability of Blockchain technology in this space
The issue of security and its negative impact on remittances and payments
  • Are current AML and Fraud Monitoring systems good enough?

  • Can AI and Machine Learning do more?

  • Insider fraud - are bots a viable alternative to humans?
Developing Low Cost Remittances
  • Are traditional financial institutions doing enough to develop low cost alternatives?

  • Is this an area where new age fintech companies can make a huge difference?

  • Can blockchain technology provide a cost effective and viable alternative?

A detailed overview on PSD2 and Open Banking
  • Are PSD2 and the Open Banking UK initiatives having the intended effect on the market at large?

  • Have they managed to create a level playing field for fintech companies vis-a-vis banks?

Karthik Jagannathan | Global Payments Director | Currency Research | Brussels
12.30Lunch and Keynote Address
14.00Expert Panel: Essential pre-requisites for secure online payments
- Key improvements in the area of customer identification techniques towards a safe payment environment
- Relevance of customer identification techniques used by traditional financial institutions
- How to address that fine line between security and privacy?

Piet Mallekoote | CEO | Dutch Payments Association | Amsterdam
Leila Fourie | CEO | Australian Payments Network | Sydney
Growing Trend of Mobile
Payment Solutions
  • Are customer use-cases limited to just P2P payments?

  • Analysis of integration with social media

  • Can mobile also provide a secure and trusted authentication mechanism?

  • Are large corporations at all interested in mobile payments?

The End of Cards and Wallets - New Payment Horizons
  • The inevitable wallet consolidation
  • How acquirers can save the cards model

  • Can Asia cards rails compete with real-time services
Use of Biometrics for identification and payments authorisation
  • Will use of biometrics minimise fraudulent transactions?

  • How willing are consumers to user biometrics for identification and authorisation?

  • Is this a case of over-engineering?

15.30Networking Break
16.00AI & Quantum Technology: How Will This Impact Our Transaction Space?
George Gesek | Founder and CEO | Novarion Systems | Vienna
Paul S. Triolo | Practice Head, Geo-technology | Eurasia Group | Washington DC
16.452018 Asia Florin Awards Presentation “Innovating the Way We Pay”
- Winners Presentations

David Lee Kuo Chuen | Chairman of Florin Jury & Professor of Fintech and Blockchain | Singapore University of Social Science | Singapore
17.15Closing Keynote
17.45Cocktail Reception


   Day 2 - 20 Sep 2018
08.30Welcome Reception
09.15Recap & Opening by Harry Smorenberg & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.30Real-Time Payments: Crossing Borders and Innovating At Scale
  • Real Time Payments: Taking The Next Leap Forward [Keynote Address]

  • Banker’s views on achieving real-time and transforming the end-user experience
  • Connecting “domestic schemes” to support regional & global financial integration
  • Can high value and low value payments be converged over real-time rails

Opening Introduction by Eddie Haddad | Managing Director | SWIFT (Asia Pacific)
Moderator: ASEAN Payments Consultant
Panelists:  Leading Banks, Regulators & Payments Market Infrastructures, SWIFT
10.30The Big Shift in Fintech - More Rational Investments
The return of banks: cherry-picking sustainable Fintech solutions
- Fintech investments declining? Reality check - The new driver: more collaboration for scale and reach
11.00Networking Break
Financial Inclusion Remains a Top Priority
  • What are the main impediments that prevent financial inclusion?

  • Are new technologies really helping?
  • What is expected from Governments and Central Banks?
Innovations in correspondent banking and cross border payments
  • Is the wave of real time payment schemes having its intended effect?

  • What fresh innovations are we seeing?

  • Is more standardisation required?
14.00The Asian Regulatory Update
Introduction by Letitia Seglah | Independent Expert | European Commission | London
Expert Panel Discussion on
- Regulatory-led innovation initiatives
- Open Banking: benefits and risks - Cross-border financial innovation
- Cross-border financial innovation
Fintech & Banks - Friends with benefits
  • Case study - 1

  • Case study - 2

  • Case study - 3
Country Special: Payments in
  • Innovations in a huge domestic market

  • Challenge of Financial Inclusion
  • Leapfrogging via new ways of distribution

15.45Networking Break
16.15Keynote Panel - eCommerce and Payments
17.00Closing Keynote
17.30End of Program