28-29 August 2017


Aligning Real Time Payments

– Towards Seamless Interoperability

As central banks in the region continue with cashless initiatives, further collaborations on real time cross border funds transfer could become a reality.  Regulators are also driving standardisation to encourage innovation, so the prospect of regional alignment is getting stronger. This could herald the advent of a fully interoperable, standardised payments system.  Pan-regional mobile payment wallets will make way for a less fragmented payment ecosystem, furthering Financial Inclusion and making us less dependent on cash. At GPS 2019, we look at the latest national developments in e-payments as well as the larger, cross-border regional platforms that are transforming the Asian payments landscape.

GPS 2019 Key Topics Include:
  • Regulatory Challenges in Emerging Markets (central bank panel)
  • eKYC and Biometric Authentication
  • Digital Only Banks – Creating Revenue via Data-Driven Products
  • QR Codes Standardization
  • Social Commerce Platforms
  • The Big Deal – How Would You Transform a Bank?
  • Harmonization in Cross Border Payments
  • Rural and Regional Banks in Indonesia – Digital Transformation
  • Fintech Regulation in Southeast Asia – Beyond the Sandbox
  • Digital Financial Inclusion – Improving Lives


Have a look at our program here.  This is a living document as we will be adding on speakers and topics! If you have suggestions, please email them directly to David Roberts, Global Director of Payments, Email: droberts@currency-research.com

Feel free to check out last year’s program for reference.


GPS 2019 Program At a Glance

  Day 1 - 10 Oct 2019
08.00Welcome & Registration
09.00Welcome by Harry Smorenberg & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Keynote Opening: "Embracing the New Digital Economy in Indonesia"

Bank Indonesia
09.35Regulatory Challenges in Emerging Markets
(with central bankers from Asia)
- Streamlining payment solutions in the midst of fragmentation
- Will regulation nudge banks to innovate?
- Licensing and regulating the nonbank players

Kah Kit Yip | Deputy Director, Financial Development and Innovation Department | Bank Negara Malaysia
Sagar Sarbhai | Head of Regulatory Relations, APAC & Middle East | Ripple
Md. Nazrul Islam | Joint Director | Bangladesh Bank
John Basquill | Editor | PaymentsCompliance (moderator)
10.30Networking Break
11.00Open Banking - What’s the Best Way Forward?
The Tango Between Market Driven Initiatives and Regulation
- Successful cases and examples from Europe
- Is the market and ecosystem changing faster than regulation?

Rahul Bhargava | Director – Payments Markets Initiatives, Asia Pacific | SWIFT
Mehdi Bennani | Director of Sales Asia | HPS
John Basquill | Editor | PaymentsCompliance (moderator)
11.45 Alternative Payments in eCommerce Markets
  • Growth of digital alternative payments

  • Enabling omni-channel retailing

Ray Liao | VP of Strategy | YeePay
An Lu | Senior Manager, Payment Networks | PPRO
13.45Future of Payments Platforms - Instant, Accessible, Ubiquitous
- Underlying themes impacting the evolution of payment platforms – open accessibility, richer data, instant payments, interoperability, emerging technology, open innovation and better consumer experience journeys
- How payment platforms drive real-world use cases like regional payments integration and cross-border instant payments

Eddie Haddad | Managing Director - Asia Pacific | SWIFT
Ser Jin Lee | Head of Compliance and Government Relations | Grab Financial Group
Olivier Decock | Principal Director | Accenture
Judy Bei | Global Head of Payments and Receivables | Standard Chartered Bank
Rahul Bhargava | Director, Payments Markets Initiatives - Asia Pacific | SWIFT (moderator)
14.45A1 QR Codes StandardizationB1 War of the Wallets / eMoney
  • Indonesia implementation

  • Thailand QR code payment in Japan (Krungsri and BBL)

  • Standardising QR codes for the region?

  • Is it a game of who has deeper pockets?

  • How can banks integrate with wallets?

  • What do consumers want from the wallet experience?

Leo Samson | Co-founder | Xfers
Lee Khuan Yew | Head of Product | Fave
Virat Patel | Managing Director | Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific
15.30Networking Break
16.30AI and Quantum Computing - Impact in the Transaction Space

Paul Schulte | Founder | Schulte Research
Paul Schulte | Founder | Schulte Research
17.00Keynote Panel
Digital Only Banks - Creating Revenue via Data-Driven Products
Virat Patel | Managing Director | Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific
Zennon Kapron | Managing Director | Kapronasia (moderator)
17.30Cocktail Reception


   Day 2 - 11 Oct 2019
08.30Welcome & Registration
09.00Recap & Opening by Harry Smorenberg & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Harmonisation in Cross-Border Payments
Tan Nyat Chuan | Senior Director, Payments Markets ASEAN | SWIFT
Surendra Chaplot | Head of APAC Card Product | TransferWise
Amol Bahuguna | Head of Payments and Cash Management | Commercial Bank of Dubai
Jeroen Kok | Head of Treasury Services Malaysia & Vietnam | JP Morgan (moderator)
10.15The Big Deal - How Would You Transform a Bank?
- API opportunity and monetisation
- Working with TPP (third party providers)
- How to go entirely digital?

Emmanuel E. Barcena | President & CEO | Philippine Clearing House Corporation
11.00Networking Break
11.30 Use Cases of Blockchain Implementation

    12.15Digital Finance Inclusion - Improving Lives

    CGAP - Worldbank
    Achmad Sugondo | Executive Vice President | BTPN Bank
    Vincent Iswara | CEO | DANA Indonesia
    Kristy Duncan | Founder & CEO | Women in Payments

    14.15A2 New Business Models in Remittance B2 Rural and Regional Banks in Indonesia - Road to Digital Transformation

    • Remittance market in Asia

    • RemTECH and innovations

    • New business models in money services

    • How can rural and regional banks stay relevant?

    • Case study in Indonesia

    15.00Networking Break
    15.30Fintech Regulation in Southeast Asia - Beyond the Sandbox
    (with central bankers from Asia)
    - Facilitating innovation via sandboxes and hubs
    - Regulating data protection and access rights
    - Consumer education
    16.15Fintech Pitches (10 minutes each)
    17.15Asia Florin Awards Ceremony & Farewell Drinks