28-29 August 2017


Payments Transformation in Asia – Leading the Discussion

The payment space in Asia is going through some of the most fascinating innovation and transformation!  With strong regulatory push by national governments coupled with global players entry and local fintech innovations, this is the space to watch!

At GlobalPaymentSummit (GPS) we focus on innovation in the payment/transaction space and share essential top-level expertise! It is proven that companies that exposes employees to outside influences and ideas through attendance at conferences, membership in professional societies, and similar activities can help break down insularity. GPS offers a 2 days “Expert Infusion” that really adds value both in personal and professional development.

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Day 1 Monday 28 August 2017

  • Keynote Opening by Gregory Gibb
  • “The New Normal For Payments: Innovation. Disruption.”
  • Real-Time Payments: coming ofage in APAC
  • API – Open Banking developments: The new role of banks & non-banks
  • Detecting Fraud, Managing Risk and Making Real-time decisions in Payment Systems
  • Next Generation Regulatory Perspectives: global lessons learned
  • Plenary panel on Regulatory “speed of change”: regional dialogue
  • “From Initial Coin Offerings to the New Payment Realism?”
  • E-Commerce Asia
  • Future of Payments in Indonesia
  • ‘Going Cashless’ as catalyst for APAC Mobile Payments Market
  • China: A day in the life - How Digital Finance the way that 1.4 billion people pay, shop, and save
  • Remittances - driving innovation in payments for Asia
  • GPS - Florin Awards Asia Presentation

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Day 2 Tuesday 29 August 2017


  • SEA a cashless region: a transformation for the next 20 months or 20 years?
  • Lessons from Social Payments in China: How digital platforms are driving financial inclusion, economic empowerment in China and lessons for other markets
  • Financial Inclusion in Asia – Is Digital the Direction? (key regional representatives)
  • The Payment Card Reform Framework - Key initiative by Bank Negara Malaysia
  • e-KYC - Simplifying the identity challenge
  • Blockchain: the ultimate “cure” or a vague promise in Payments?
  • The position of banks in the transaction space - Payments as a commodity? No way!
  • Practitioners Debate with banks / near-banks / non-banks
  • Compelling Fintech Showcase - Best Cases in Payments & Transactions

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