28-29 August 2017


Emerging Payment Initiatives in Asia:
The Quest For Regional Interoperability

As central banks in the region continue with cashless initiatives, further collaborations on
real time cross border funds transfer could become a reality. Regulators are also driving standardisation to encourage innovation, so the prospect of regional alignment is becoming stronger.

This could herald the advent of a fully interoperable, standardised payments system. Pan-regional mobile wallets and so-called ‘super-apps’ are paving the way for a more harmonised payment ecosystem, promoting Financial Inclusion and making the region less dependent on cash. However, there is still considerable disparity between jurisdictions in these cashless initiatives. At GPS 2020, we look at the latest national developments in e-payments and wallets as well as the larger, cross-border regional platforms and international remittance schemes that are transforming the Asian payments landscape. We will also look at Open Banking and the lessons that can be learned from other regions such as Europe and Australia, and developments in Central Bank Digital Currencies such as China’s ‘Silk Road Coin’ in the light of Facebook’s Libra.

The Asia Global Payment Summit 2020  moves to Manila, Philippines on September 10-11th and will feature 2 days of knowledge exchange, peer-to-peer networking and a prestigious gala dinner featuring our celebrated Florin Awards ceremony.

ASIA-GPS is the most exclusive platform to learn and stay abreast of new concepts,strategies, alternative techniques, and global best practices across the payments and transactions space. Top professionals and global thought-leaders will share critical developments in topics that are most relevant for the region while affording ample room for in-depth discussions and debate.

Please feel free to join us, we would be happy to welcome your suggestions on the content as well. Please respond direct to: droberts@currency-research.com

Looking forward to meeting you in Manila on 10-11th September 2020!

Our 2020 Program

  Day 1 - 10 Sep 2020
08.00Welcome & Registration
09.00Welcome by David Roberts & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Keynote Opening - BsP
09.35Global Payment Challenges: Panel Discussion on Key Global Trends Affecting Asia
10.30Networking Break
11.00ASEAN Regulatory Landscape
- Is regulation aligned in the region?
- Central Bank perspective on this
- Fintech perspective
Track 1Track 2
11.45A1 Digital Identity: A New Deployment Mode
B1 Developing Low-Cost Remittances
  • Are the current deployment models good enough to address the needs of the users, certifiers and verifiers?

  • Can a different deployment model improve scalability and security?

  • How to put users in control

  • Are traditional financial institutions doing enough to develop low-cost alternatives?

  • Is this an area where new age fintech companies can make a huge difference?

  • Can blockchain technology provide a cost-effective and viable alternative?

14.00Cross Border Payment Initiatives
Track 1Track 2
14.45A1 Latest developments in Mobile Wallets and ‘Super Apps’
B2 Use of Biometrics for Identification and Payments Authorisation
  • Winners and losers

  • Analysis of integration with social media

  • Can mobile also provide a secure and trusted authentication mechanism?

  • The inevitable wallet consolidation

  • Will use of biometrics minimise fraudulent transactions?

  • How willing are consumers to user biometrics for identification and authorisation?

  • Is this a case of over-engineering?

15.30Networking Break
16.002020 Asia Florin Awards Presentation
- Winners Presentation Pitches x 5
16.30Quantum Technology and the 4IR: How Will This Impact The Transaction Space?
17.30Florin Awards Ceremony & Cocktail Reception


  Day 2 - 11 Sep 2020
08.30Welcome & Registration
09.00Recap & Opening by David Roberts & Gonzalo Santamaria
09.15Stablecoins and their impact on the region
- The Outlook for Libra in the light of PBOC initiatives (‘Silk Road Coin’)
10.15Open Banking in the region
- Lessons to be learned from Europe & Australia
- Opportunities for Fintechs with open APIs
- Central Bank initiatives
- Retail bank perspectives
11.00Networking Break
Track 1
Track 2
A3 The Challenge for Banks – Compete or Collaborate in the Changing Payments Landscape in SE Asia
  • Neo bank developments

  • Strategies to compete against the ‘Super Apps’ and wallets

B3 Innovations in Correspondent Banking and Cross-Border Payments
  • Is the wave of real time payment schemes having its intended effect?

  • What fresh innovations are we seeing?

  • Is more standardisation required?
12.15Financial Inclusion initiatives in SE Asia
World Bank – Isaku Endo
14.15FinTech developments – beyond the sandbox
- AI and its impact on payments
- Advances in eKYC Technology
15.00The view forward – predictions for the payments lansscape in the coming year
Yos Kimsawatde | Head of Payment System Office | Thai Bankers’ Association
15.45Farewell Drinks