Asia Cash & Payments Week

Introducing the very first Asia Cash & Payments Week!

The Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (CCS) and Asia Global Payment Summit (GPS) are being organised back-to-back for the first time! By popular demand, this will afford attendees the opportunity to have a full view of the payment eco-system in the region in both cash and digital payments and in parallel, fruitful networking with all the relevant stakeholders.

The Asia Cash Cycle Seminar (taking place September 7 – 9) brings together the cash stakeholders, including central banks, to discuss the strategies and solutions available to bring cash resiliency, accessibility, and security. Join this event to learn more about cash’s resiliency, challenges, and its future.

Why Join Asia CCS?

In today’s changing cash climate, adaptation is critical to not only survive but also to thrive. This event is the most recognized educational seminar in the region to focus on the complete cash cycle, promoting efficiency and security in cash operations by Central Banks, Commercial Banks, Cash Management Companies (CMCs) / CITs and others. The depth and quality of our programming – developed and curated from Currency Research’s experts with over 200+ years of combined industry experience – provides incredible value to our delegates, who take away advice, feedback, and strategies to implement in their home organizations. The seminar is held in a relaxed and professional environment that offers the perfect setting for effective networking. For more details about the program, please click HERE.

If you are interested in attending Asia CCS to take advantage of this week-long view of the payment eco-system, you will receive $500 off your Asia CCS registration! You can click HERE to register for CCS and use the discount code: C&PWEEK. PLEASE NOTE: You must be registered for BOTH events to receive the $500 off ONE of them. If the discount code is used in error, it will be removed and a new invoice issued.