About the Organiser

The Global Payment Summits (GPS), now in the 19th year running, are comprised of a series or international/regional events uniquely designed as the foremost platform where Regulators, Operators, Technology partners and Challengers all converge. GPS series platform provides retail/ commerce (P2P, P2B, B2B) payment & transaction professionals/practitioners from around the world with a unique, networking and educational experience. Attendees learn directly from thought leaders, industry experts and peers about the global trends, innovation and developments in the ‘transaction space’.

Since 2017, Currency Research (CR) has taken control and full ownership of the Global Payment Summits previously celebrated in diverging cities of Europe (EPS) and similarly in a variety of cities in Asia (GPS) such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and most recently in Bali. With the recent debut of the Africa Global Payment Summit inaugurated in August 2019, coverage of the key developing markets and G20 countries is greatly enhanced.

Currency Research is an international, knowledge-based services firm dedicated to providing specialised conferences, consultancy, and research to the public and private sector in both the Currency and Payments areas. By bridging the gap within the industries, CR is uniquely positioned and now widely recognised as a leader in creating independent and exclusive industry conferences/ events that serve as platforms for knowledge-sharing, content generation and networking.

CR will continue to implement unique conference organisation strategies that will attend to the programming, education and networking needs of all the payment stakeholders – from central banks’ oversight and regulation through to PSPs, Financial Institutions, Fintechs, and Commerce.

Harry Smorenberg CEO of Transactives BV and originator of the GPS series of events stated: “The expertise and value which CR and the Payment Summits can bring together to the Payments Industry, additionally to the perfectly aligned business culture, ensures a great future for these Summits. CR has now complemented its longstanding global initiatives with our well-known and well-respected Summits.”