About the Organiser

As of December 1, 2017, Currency Research is the owner and organiser of the Global Payment Summit previously celebrated in Singapore, and two other regional summits—the European Payment Summit  (established and previously organized by Transactives BV.) and the Africa Global Payment Summit, which celebrated its inaugural debut on August 2019.

Currency Research (CR), an international knowledge-based services firm dedicated to providing specialised conferences, consultancy, and research to the public and private sector in the Currency and Payments areas. CR is the widely recognised leader in creating independent exclusive industry conferences and events that serve as platforms for knowledge sharing and networking throughout the Currency and Payments industries.

CR will continue to implement unique conference organization strategies that will attend to the programming, education and networking needs of all the payment stakeholders – from central banks’ oversight and regulation through to PSPs, Financial Institutions, Fintechs, and Commerce.

Harry Smorenberg CEO of Transactives BV stated: “The expertise and value which CR and the Payment Summits can bring together to the Payments Industry, additionally to the perfectly aligned business culture, ensures a great future for these Summits. CR has now complemented their longstanding global initiatives with our well-known and well-respected Summits. I look forward to working together with CR to ensure that this collaboration aligns the industry’s needs for key content, continued learning and high-level networking through in-depth summits and industry debates”.

Chairman of  Payment Summits

Harry Smorenberg SCC 286x333

Harry Smorenberg

Harry is a financial services marketing and positioning strategist. He previously worked at Banque Paribas and ABN AMRO and was a director at two leading strategic consultants.

He is a leading contributor to innovation in both the retail and corporate payments and transaction space. He has also been actively involved in developing solutions in financial planning, international pensions and ‘social innovations’. His strength is in catalyzing institutions into developing vision and strategies, and in identifying and implementing client-centric solutions.

He is a columnist and guest speaker, sits on several advisory boards and regularly publishes in leading international media.

For over 15 years, Transactives has offered a unique strategic platform for exchanging expertise amongst professionals in the payment transaction space by hosting these key regional payment platforms with international perspectives. Harry Smorenberg as founder of Transactives and the Summits, will continue in his role as Chairman of the Payment Summits.