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We decide to organize the Florin Awards this year to really promote diversity and innovation in the transaction space!  The honor roll does not just belong to the financially well vested ones, but also those with promising new ideas! The list includes established bank, new innovators in remittances, blockchain tech, eKYC and more…. Cast your vote quickly and 3 lucky winners will stand to win a delegate pass to the GLOBAL Payment Summit in 4 weeks time! 


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Paycent is a digital payment platform with fully integrated mobile applications, enabling its users to transact in real time 24/7 while allowing merchants to accept cashless payments more easily and conveniently using a separate customized merchant app. Paycent saves not only time but money as all features like bills payments or sending funds is only a few clicks away right on your smartphone.

The KYCK! platform help payment solutions with their customer onboarding piece. Particularly in Indonesia, KYCK! help payment solutions build an in-country / on premise customer database, where data storage, management, access is controlled by the gateway. In addition, KYCK! is a platform with verification and validation capabilities that raises the quality of KYC at a higher level of convenience. Their focus in developing countries, particularly in the space of payments and financial inclusion, allow normal folks affordable access to financial services.

TenX is solving a real world problem by making cryptocurrencies spendable anytime anywhere. What TenX is doing is truly groundbreaking and revolutionary. That is also why they received 80 million Usd in funding.

Go-Jek, backed by Sequoia Capital, KKR & Co. and Warburg Pincus, rolled out the technology in April to let customers pay for rides and other services with digital payments instead of cash. Since then, the Go-Pay service has grown to account for more than 50 percent of the company’s transactions. (source: bloomberg)

Omise is a payment gateway for Southeast Asia, based in Thailand, providing a secure and white label solution to merchants and enterprise businesses. Recently acquired Paysbuy and launching OmiseGo – a public Ethereum-based financial technology for use in mainstream digital wallets.

Being a bank in the mobile digital internet era is a challenge. Not so much in adopting the digital technology but in having the whole organization aligned in the same objective of digital transformation. BTPN in the last 3 years has succeeded in launching two distinct digital product. BTPN Wow! is the mobile banking for the mass-market with the concept of banking the unbanked. The other digital product is Jenius which is the smartphone app for the consuming class / millennials. Not many banks can say that they have launch such a diverse range of digital product in such a short time. Banking reinvented!

Enabling all types of business to eliminate human errors, months of painful banking integration, and mountain of transaction/maintenance/monthly fee by automating payments system. Xendit is also the 1st YCombinator Alumni from Indonesia

Juntos provides a platform to digitalize relationships by combining design and data analytics to build two-way personalized conversations via SMS that increase customer engagement and eventually change customer behavior.

Brankas is your new personal banker. It connect your accounts, send and receive funds, and keep track of your money – all in an easy-to-use app. With Brankas, you can send and receive money, instantly and securely. All you need is your contact’s mobile number.


Cashaa is a p2p marketplace for international money transfer, matching money senders and receivers with cryptocurrency traders, while only charging 1 £/transaction and giving the best exchange rate. Senders do not need to know about Bitcoin as that part is done completely in the background by the traders.”



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